Initial Cane

Well I thought I should post about my recent class I held for teaching how to make a name/ initial cane so that you cane “sign” your work.  We had a great time in our class.  Lots of laughing.  I think that the 3 gals that had done the most clay before were a bit more cautious with their building.  Where the three who were new to the clay threw caution to the wind, and went for it.  From the end products I have seen everyone did well with their final product.  Caning is a learned technique.  The more you do the better you get at it.  So do not expect perfection the first-or second time out.  But go with it.  Each cane seems to take on a life of its own.  If it really doesn’t turn out like you would like there are ohh so many things you can do with it.  One of my strongest suggestions is take the time to pack the cane methodically if you want it to turn out as you envision.  You will save yourself a lot of disappointment later.  If you have questions about caning feel free to ask.  We will try and answer some questions.

Kelly's Initial Cane Class



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7 responses to “Initial Cane

  1. Thanks Kelly, my cane has plenty of room for improvement but it was a fun day – Next one will be better. . .Beth

    • Thanks for posting Beth. Yours looked good for the crazy day we had. It just takes time to really do caning right. But now you can mark your work. It has taken me 12+ years to get my intials done. See how far ahead you are from me.

  2. Simone

    Thanks for the class Kelly. I finished my initials – they came out pretty good. I’m finally catching on to the whole cane idea, thanks to your class.

    • HI Simone- I would love it if you would email some pictures of your initials. I am glad you took the class. Don’t be afraid to try more canes now. They don’t have to be really big. Just pick an idea, get a picture enlarge to the size you want. Then use the plastic to begin to build the cane always being careful to pack all the nooks and crannies. Have fun! K

  3. So, I guess you could say that old pros overthink things…
    I like your initial cane, Kelly!

  4. Excellent advice about packing the cane carefully, Kelly. I think that’s a key that people sometimes miss, especially if they were taught to pack canes with rods of clay instead of shaping the packing to fit the design.

    • And you should know Cat. How many canes have you done……… You just keep amazing me with your work. You go girl. Tina and I are working on getting etsy sites. We might have to pick your brain!
      Hugs, Kelly

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