Ink on Bottles

Watch out!  They’re fresh out of the oven!  I’m up to 5 Bottles of Hope now. A couple with slices of flower canes. Another has bright cutouts on black and white striped cane. Last on the list is the two waiting for embellishment. I’m getting ready for clay day to play. Don’t get me wrong, I will make some there, I am just easily distracted and create very slowwwly.

These are the white bottles in the picture above. Here they are after I got crazy on them. You should see my hands, next time I’ll wear gloves…um yeah, sure. I just dripped, wiped, blotted and pretty much whatevered the alcohol ink on them until I was happy with the look. It’s easy to get carried away, it’s interesting watching the colors interact. Funny thing is the rust color moves out of the way of the stonewashed. Just looking at the bottles you would probably never guess that’s what I used. In person they look more like pottery clay that has been fired. They do need a little something, I’m not sure what. Hmm, maybe a little bit of gold wiped on them? Sort of highlighted a bit? I’ll bring these all to clay day. Well, back to my secret laboratory to create more!  -T



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5 responses to “Ink on Bottles

  1. Very nice Tina! I can’t wait to see them up close and personal. Then I will know your secrets! K

  2. You guys don’t need me. This looks awesome!! Keep going!

  3. The two alcohol inl bottles are a different style from what you usually do. They are very organic. I’m not sure you want to do much more to them because they are interesting as they stand. Did you rebake them after putting the alcohol inks on them? Did that make them less sticky?

    And Marie is wrong… we always need her. She makes us all laugh and inspires us, right Tina?

    • Ellie, you are so right, we do need Marie. She is the queen of clay!
      Those twin bottles, grrr, I put some gold paint on them and it helped somewhat. I think I’m going to hit it with the heat gun in a minute here. I’ll be back! – T

  4. I finally got a minute to hit these bottles with the heat gun. It seems to have worked, yay! I keep going back and touching them. Still dry. I guess that gives me the ok to do more projects with that technique! I’m going to go check them again! – T
    5 minutes later…
    CRAP! I just moved the bottles after getting a drink of water and now I have ink on my hand! Grr…! This is NOT ok. I’m going to go throw them in a can of polyurethane. If I’m not still mad at them I will fish them back out.

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