Tina and I joined the gals at Clay Day on saturday.  We had a nice turnout.   I came home with 11 finished Bottles of Hope.  I know that there are a few more out there that people were working on, but had not quite gotten them done by the time we were leaving.   Several of us were putting the group project together.  It is a Stackable Doll like we had learned from Maureen Carlson back in February.  We had such a good time in that class.  We decided to make one in thanks to Quilter’s Paradise for letting us have the classes there.  She turned out great!  I am checking with the girls and will post a picture if they say it is okay.  I will take some pictures tomorrow of the bottles I have and post them.  Once we get several bottles collected then they are taken to the Moore’s Cancer Center where they are given out to patients free of charge in hopes to raise their spirits during their battle with cancer.

Have a great week and keep reading to see what we have planned to share! ~K


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