A gift for the Quilter’s Paradise

We Appreciate you having us!

A group from the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild took a class from Maureen Carlson on Stacked Dolls.  The Class was held at the Quilters Paradise in Escondido.  www.quiltersparadiseesc.com  


We appreciate being able to have classes in their facility and decided to make them a doll.   Several of us which included Ellie Hitchcock, Deni David, Patti McElhiney, Varda Levram-Ellisman, Susan Berkowitz, Deborah Francis, Sue Roos, Maryann Dorman and myself-Kelly Steindorf made various pieces and parts and then put them all together at clay day in March.  Deni and Patti did the final assembly and antiquing.  We all agree she turned out quite nice.  We hope they like her!  It was fun to do a group project and not really know whether it would turn out.   It just goes to show you the power of positive thinking!




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5 responses to “A gift for the Quilter’s Paradise

  1. Jill W.

    Beautiful. Love the clay, and would like to have something for my private practice. I’ll get in touch with you, Kelly.

  2. It really was fun doing a group project and having it turn out so well. We are a lucky bunch to have so much talent in our group!

  3. Your doll came out beautifully, Kel. You guys did a great job, and I agree with Ellie– you are blessed with alot of talent in your guild!

    Warm fuzzies,

    • Hi Cat, Long time no communicate! How have you been. I will have to check out your latest! Thanks for checking us out! The doll was fun doing as a group. I have one drawn up that I need to get to work on!

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