New Pennies

As mentioned earlier, I have been working on “penny rugs”. They aren’t really rugs and aren’t made of pennies….go figure. They were originally made from pieces of old wool clothing repurposed to make items like doilies, candle mats and other things to protect furniture. They would use coins for templates. Who knows, maybe they did make a few rugs too, I wasn’t there.

Penny rug

 Ok so… back to the future( ooo, I love that movie). I started out making my rugs out of cheapo felt. It works fine and comes in bright colors. I have since fallen in love with working with wool. It feels wonderful and sews smoothly. A lot of the time I was fighting with getting the needle through the craft felt. I am now addicted to wool. I have been doing what ever pops into my head, meaning my designs are originals.

This rug is one I made for Valentines Day. I had it on my dinning table with a glass bowl of candy hearts on it. Bright color and sugar, that’s a winner!

The little guys next to the heart rug are coasters. These are made from wool and are in the “penny” style. I am enjoying this craft “on the go”, it travels well. My rugs or just the pennies have gone to gymnastics, dental appts., doctor visits and generally waiting for the kids anywhere. I haven’t taken them to church, that would probably be frowned on, there are plenty of other places!  – T



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4 responses to “New Pennies

  1. Tina,
    I love the idea of how you make these. You have so much patience. I love the red one!!!

    • Hey Ellie,
      Thanks. Maybe I should work on a purple penny rug next? Purple is a hard color to find in wool though. Didn’t the Joker in the Batman movie have a purple jacket? I guess it’s out there somewhere… – T

  2. I love the heart one, Tina. How sweet it is, and I agree– a purple one would be adorable.

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