Snow Penny Men

I know, I know, it’s way too early to think about Christmas! But why wait until the last minute? These snowmen are going to be ornaments. I think I will add a little holly on his scarf and a gold string for a hanger. These are more like wool poofy pennies, they have a bit of fiberfil stuffing in them. – T



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6 responses to “Snow Penny Men

  1. Pat Aiken

    K and T, I just learned about your blog and am sitting here reading and enjoying all of them. This is a great way to try to keep up with the two of you. Both of you are very creative and talented people. I look forward to reading your blogs and your reader’s comments often. Pat A.

    • Pat, so glad you found us! Thank you for your kind words, you are a very talented woman yourself! We are blessed to have such an artistic bunch of friends.
      See you soon, – T

  2. T, These are great! Some people are still Suffering through the winter weather. SO this might cheer them a bit! I love the different colors of their scarfs! If they were bigger you could make earmuffs! K

  3. Thanks Kelly, you nut! Hmm, earmuffs…- T

  4. Do you ever sleep Tina????

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