Classes Scheduled!

  I love to teach classes.  Polymer clay is such a fun medium to work with that I think everybody should try it at least once.  It has to have a use in your life.  If you don’t like making things with it then buy something others make with it. 
Name canes

The "bottoms" of items marked with name/initial canes

 To help all of you who would like to be able to mark your creations with your initials or your name I am having classes.  I am also teaching a class on making canes with the extruder.  I love the Makin’s Extruder.  It is easy to clean and fairly easy to use.  That is the green one.  You could just go for weeks messing with different canes you could make with that.  We will start with some basics and move on from there.  Examples of some simple canes I did using the Makin’s extruder are on the post 3/17/09 Extruder Cane/Amate Findings.    




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4 responses to “Classes Scheduled!

  1. Extruder canes are so much fun. It’s almost like cracking open a geode to see what your design is going to be in the end. I notice that Kelly seems to be using my favorite color a lot: purple!!!

    Signature canes are a great way of signing your piece.. and it’s a unique way that we polymer clay artists have of signing our work.

    Anyone who wants to learn canework should take a class with Kelly. She’s awesome!

  2. Thanks Ellie! You are sweet. You are right, you just never know for sure what you will end up with. I have tried to make a plan on occasion, but it does not always work. But that is what is great about clay is that you can keep trying new things. K

  3. So Kelly when is the next class? I love my extruder and play with others is always a good thing . . bmc

    • Hi Beth the Classes heading is on the top right hand corner of the Home page you click on classes and it takess you to a new page. There are the classes listed. The extruder class will be May 5th on a Wednesday night. But if that doesn’t work I am always open to suggestions. K

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