Lil’ Doggies

 Most of my art is not that big. I’m not comfortable doing large projects, I have, but not very often. I’ve made a few quilts, but I haven’t gone back to that for quite a while. I do enjoy getting small. Being only 5’1″ may play a part in this. I’ve been told I should look into making miniatures. I don’t know, that stuff is crazy small! When I do mini it’s somewhere between Barbie and school project size, right, it’s not to scale. I do have a pair of hedgehog earrings I made, just what every girl needs! I guess if I did a little research and worked on the sizes, maybe I could…why not? I bet you could too!   – T



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6 responses to “Lil’ Doggies

  1. T- It kind of makes me hungry for something more…. but they are soo cute! Do you do onion rings. It could be a good diet! K

  2. Those are so perfect – I write more but I’m on my way to Costco to buy a hotdog …bmc

  3. Yeah Beth, that sounds like a good idea. Costco does have a bigger size. But you can’t make earrings out of theirs! …nice visual, you think? – T

  4. That reminds me of a pc artist who used to live here. She made a whole line of food related jewelry: pizza, sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, hot dogs, hamburgers fried eggs and toast and on and on. I think yours look more realistic than hers ever did.Maybe you should continue this great tradition!!
    All of your small but not miniature work is outstanding!

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