Clay Adventures Ahead

What will this week bring in the week of crafting with KT Did Clay!  HMMM?  I have been busy trying to plan my daughters Grad Nite celebration at her high school.  I am one of the committee members.  So we are trying to come up with wonderful decorations and game ideas to keep these kids entertained.  The theme has to do with the Olympics… They are locked into the school gym over night that way they are safe and sound. 

 I know that T has been busy with a few wool/polymer projects of her own.  Who knew old wool could be so useful as an art form!  She makes such wonderful things with it.  I wish I had all of those old shirts from Wyoming winters laying around that she could repurpose.  Keep checking to see what new things T may be “cooking” up.  The visual of the hotdog earrings from Costco!..  Happy claying or crafting!  K


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  1. A friend sent me a gorgeous slide show of the Olympics. Wouldn’t that be great prjected as a backdrop on the gym wall?

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