Getting together for checkers!

Tina’s Checkerboard is wonderful!  I think that she worked it to purrrfection.  She does such a great job.  I think we should load up and go down and play checkers.  I want to be the dead fish!

So have any of you had any experience with Trojan horses?  The kind you climb into?  We want to build one for our Grad Nite.  We thought it would be fun for the kids to see how many people they could cram into it.  Kind of like they used to do with VW’s.  We are actually starting to paint this evening.  Large walls.  The one will be a Greek Theatre.  We hope our vision turns out.  I am in charge of the design so it is going to be great!  I declare it!  I keep thinking of ways I could use polymer clay in the design.  Maybe in the end…  We will see.  Right now we are stuck with paint and styrofoam and a few other items.  Does anyone know where you get the big pieces of styrofoam.  Like 3′ X 5′ Big?  K



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2 responses to “Getting together for checkers!

  1. Just a note- I found out where to get the big pieces of styrofoam. They have them in all shapes and sizes for all of your decorating needs. FoamCo Check it out if you are doing any architectual designs in your home. K

  2. Kelly,
    If you are the creative genius behind this project, it will be fantastic!!!

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