Birds in the Patio

No, not those birds! The hummingbirds!


I know it’s hard to see her, it’s the best my daughter and I could do, without getting our eyes pecked out.

We are still waiting for her little eggs to hatch. She’s still sitting there. I refer to her as Joy. I wonder if Joy’s thought of any names yet.  – T 




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6 responses to “Birds in the Patio

  1. Oh how cute?? I love hummingbirds.
    I bet those babies will be soooooooo tiny.
    How fun to have this right outside your window and be able to watch everything.

  2. I love your clay birds and the hummingbirds too. I call the ones at my house my little ninjas. They are so tiny yet so strong. I just finished a polymer bird house yesterday for my friend Steph. I ‘ll post it on my new blog that should be up soon.

  3. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your clay birds all over the yard? It would probably confuse a few real birds! How neat to have a hummingbird nest in your tree!!

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