Grad Nite Update


More Warehouse workarea

Panels against the wall and Facade on the floor

The Warehouse-workarea
Columns With Scenery behind on the floor

Things are coming together for Grad Nite.  We had a good crew in on Saturday and they got lots of painting accomplished.  They are working on the in sets for the Greek Theatre wall and the columns.  We are getting all the different sections of the “areas” figured out and so I can figure out the design details.  If we ever get out hands on last years design book it will really be helpful in verifying that we have things going in the correct locations.  We just need to keep having enthusiastic parents show up to help with the process.Still in search of those helpful parents and the illusive  design book, but we are moving forward.  I picked up the overhead today!  Remember overhead projectors?   You use them to project an image onto a wall or surface so you can blow a design up larger.  They are getting to be antiques.   Details are hard to see for now.  I will keep you posted! -K






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  1. Kelly,
    What a huge job!!!! I can hardly wait to see the finished designs. No wonder you weren’t answering your cell phone!

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