Polymer Clay Seeds for Marie

 Marie Segal asked for seeds on my last veggy post. Lol, seeds! Hmm…seeds, what would a veggy pen seed look like?Ok, I’ll show you, back to my pretend world…

  Luckily, I found a few polymer clay pumpkin seeds and one carrot seed that wasn’t planted last year. Carrot seeds are sooo small I had to use a microscope to get a picture for you to get a good look at it.

carrot seed enlarged about a bazillion times(give or take a few)

I am glad I caught him smiling and his eyes open.


baby carrots and seed packet

Oh, one more thing, You can’t pick them too early. They will still need a lot of care …uh oh, one lost his binky again! – T


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4 responses to “Polymer Clay Seeds for Marie

  1. Tina- thanks for the laugh! I could not imagine what you were going to come up with! I love the baby Carrots! You are too much! I just love your sense of humor. Don’t ever change!-K

  2. LOL!! Damn, those are small.
    Oh my gosh Tina, I love them!!
    Thanks for a great day. I left my coffee cup!

  3. Tina, With your imagination it must be hard to live in the real world!! I love the baby carrots and the seed made me laugh. I think you have the most creative imagination of anyone I know!!!

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