Having fun with Color! Part 1


A dark blend,a light blend and then the one on the bottom needs to be blended.

The lines are fuzzy!
Initial colors-Yellow, Turquoise and Fushia

Members of the SDPCG spent the day Saturday building some wonderful Skinner blends which Lindly Haunani had us manipulate into several striped sheets.  Then the game was on.  We only started to create with these sheets.  I did not want to go home.  The store was closing.  I was exhausted when I got home and took a nap before I went to a fundraiser for Grad Nite. I couldn’t wait to get back!

  We started off Slow as to not drain our  brains first thing.  Lindly had so many wonderful things to teach us.  It all begins with these stripes that we have- some in dark blends and some in light blends.  She taught us so many ways to manipulate the colors.  If you need to get inspired check out her new book she wrote with Maggie Maggio Polymer Clay Color Inspiration. We got to play with bubbles, swirls and more stripes.  It was so much fun.  I had to go home again and I fell asleep on the couch!  Lots of brain power.  Thanks Lindly!  Check back for examples of what I made!  -K

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  1. I’m eagerly waiting for examples of what you made with your stripes. This was the best class, wasn’t it?

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