Faux Mokume Gane Beads

Beads! More polymer clay beads for my bowl of eye candy. I signed up for a black and white bead swap. Yay, a swap that sounds easy! I don’t know how many I have to make. Aw whatever, I will make a ton then pick the cream of the crop to swap! I found these in my stash yesterday, they are from a class I took from Ellie Hitchcock a couple of years ago. The class was called Faux Mokume Gane.

Like most of the classes I have taken from Ellie they seem the be addictive! She has the dream job, doing her art at Spanish Village in Balboa Park! Selling her art, having classes and meeting people from all around the world.

If only, if only…maybe someday I’ll have a place to play with my clay that I don’t have to clear off at dinner time. I think I am going to go a do a bunch of beads right now! I haven’t touched my clay in a few days and I think I’m getting a bit twitchy. I…gotta…go…play…with…clay! – T



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2 responses to “Faux Mokume Gane Beads

  1. Thank you Tina for the unnecessary praise. You are the talented one! I love just about everything you make!!! I’m waiting for the frog IN the pool… you know what I’m talking about!

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