Beaded Bracelet

The other day I felt like playing with my beads, rather than keeping them just a collection. I used to have a subscription to Bead & Button Magazine and have recently let it run out. I figure after getting it for more than 10 years I probably have enough books to be inspired by something in at least one of them! I found this pattern in the June ’09 issue. Now, what kind beads should I use? Since I have been buying beads from the beginning of time, I have a few choices. It was fun digging around again in my little treasures. I really like these square beads, they lay nicely on your wrist. It has more color in person than this picture. It’s more like antique gold round beads with the squares to match. But, when it moves in the sunlight all the colors show up on the squares, blues, purples and a bit of fuchsia. I’m happy with the way this came out.Lately I’ve been wanting to work with gold tones, amber, copper, matching metals and such. I feel like artistically I’m in the wrong season. Maybe I’m ahead of the game, probably not, but we’ll go with that for now. It’s that whole marching to the beat of your own drummer thing I suppose. Personally, I like to create while listening to movie music CD’s. It may not much of a surprise to see that my favorites include Pirates of the Caribbean, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter and Disney’s Greatest. This might explain a lot. – T



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5 responses to “Beaded Bracelet

  1. Beth McClellan

    Great looking bracelet Tina. I love rummaging through my bead stash too. You & Kelly are doing a good job with this bog – I look at it every day.

  2. Tina that is wonderful. I never knew you had so much tiny beading in you! I like the colors you said no matter the season and my birthday is next month!

  3. That bracelet is wonderful. Tina you are a fountain of talent!

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