Grad Nite Prep Continues

We are making head way in our adventure with turning the gym into a Greek experience.  I just feel like it is slower than I wish.  The guys are doing a great job at getting the different wall pieces put together. Pretty soon they are going to run themselves out of work and they will have to paint!   

Images of Olympians

This is the wall Zeus will appear on his Throne!

Our latest project is Zeus.  He will be on the wall as the students enter the gym.  He is a handsome man, I hope.  But I think that he will take some time to transform.  I have attempted to make him more impressive using painters putty.  It does not want to stick very well to a painted surface so I may have to resort to Polymer clay.  I will see what the nose I made last night looks like tomorrow.  In the mean time you can check out some of the other pieces we have been working on.  -K


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