The New Arrivals!

Last weekend I peeked in on the hummingbird nest at the window. I have been keeping my drapes closed so as not to disturb Joy. I kinda panicked at first because I didn’t see the white of the eggs. Then I saw movement in the nest! Quickly, I grabbed the camera! I opened the window since Joy wasn’t there, I knew she would get mad if she caught me. SNAP! Got a picture! Closed the window and drapes, whew! Took a look and thought aww…how…eww. Not so cute. Like all new-born birds, they look all plucked, closed big eyes and overall eww. To our cat, they look tasty. Another reason to keep the drapes pulled. 

The bird on the left is facing away from the camera, its beak is pointing up. The other one is tucked up next to “Lefty”. I guess they are kinda cute…I suppose, well… maybe to Mommy.

Mama Joy looks tired, I saw her try to take a little nap. Her eyes were closed, but looked like she couldn’t get settled. I guess the babies wouldn’t keep still under her. Maybe I’ll get a hummingbird feeder early for Joy for her Mother’s Day. She’ll have to work on the holiday.  – T


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