Zeus Appears!

Monday night was a productive night at the warehouse.  We got a rough coat on the Facade wall which needed done before painting to help it match the previous bricks.  Marjorie started to get Zeus to look good.  He can’t see yet though!  It was getting late…  He could have ended up crosseyed. 

The Tragedy and Comedy masks are in the begining stages.  They look good.  We figured out how to run the Foam cutters.  This is basically a wire strung between two pieces of PVC and hooked up to a transformer.  It sounds a bit primative, but it works!  Then you don’t have all those little white balls flying all over and sticking to everything.  You also don’t have that noise! -K



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2 responses to “Zeus Appears!

  1. Wow, you have made progress!!

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