Scrappy Lil’ Beauty

There are times when I try so hard to do something in clay to wear that’s not goofy. I don’t usually wear jewelery. I’m more like a worker bee and accessories just get in the way or in my soup.

This little baby was made from a cane end that was doomed to go to the scrap pile. I don’t know what I made with the bulk of the cane. It must have went to making beads for Beads of Courage program. I know I didn’t make any Hearts for Heroes, because I won’t make purple hearts, I feel like it’s bad juju. I made this the way Marie Segal showed us in a class. I get more comments from non-claying people, you know, like “wow, how did you do that?”. I am torn between answering “yes, I am amazing” or “this is easy, let me show you”. I guess I really do have a tough time being serious, mostly I go with the first answer. Then, if I can get them to stop laughing, I tell them about the clay piece. 

I wonder what else is waiting in my junk clay?! – T


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