Polymer Clay the healthy addiction….

Playing with the Darks and Lights with Bubbles!


I have been having a fun time painting sets for the Grad Nite celebration, but I miss my  clay.  I have some great things in mind.  I always hope that what is produced turns out as good as it is in my mind.  Sometimes there are challenges.  Especially when trying new things with clay.  But the great thing about clay is that you can always use it for something.  There is no waste!  So lets see what pictures might entice you in your current adventures with polymer clay.  Or for those who have never tried it…. Get you addicted like the rest of us.  Mahhahah.  This picture shows some of the Bubbles I made with the colors from Lindly Haunani’s Class.  I think that I might use some to cover a business card case.  I just love all of the colors that are created. -K


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