Stars & Stripes Checkers

I finished my checker chips in polymer clay for the red, white and blue penny rug  game board, whew! I was stressing a little about making the stripes all perfectly straight when I noticed the flag waving in the wind across the street. Like everything else I do, I go with the wonky. Only this time it isn’t spooky wonky, it’s waving in the breeze! I am happy with the striped checker pieces, they’re not so stiff and rigid looking.

 I am using Cernit polymer clay for the checkers, I love the gold! I got a bunch of it from The Clay Factory online. They also sell neon, nature colors, metallics and lots of regular colors too. I really like the colors that have little flecks in them like granites and other stones, they’re good for a Wilma Flintstone necklace! The neons are fun for making beads for kids or if you want something with that shock appeal! Why not have fun with your art?! – T



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2 responses to “Stars & Stripes Checkers

  1. I found you tag-surfing and I had to come tell you how cute that is! I love the whimsy of it and the wavy lines on the pieces are perfect. Thanks for sharing this!

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