Pepper Beads

Does my world really revolve around food? I didn’t think so, until I started to write all this in the blog. I guess I really do like playing with food. I’ve made a lot of salt dough ornaments before getting into polymer clay. There are tons of things to use in the pantry; flour, bread, applesauce, jello, peanut butter, macaroni, rice and all those spices! I could go on and on. Oh yeah, the stuff that holds the food too! Egg cartons, egg shells, nut shells, butter tubs, oatmeal containers and jars, to name a few. I’m done listing. My head feels like it will explode if I go on. There is just so much cool stuff out there!  Ok, back to the beads.

Inclusions are fun to play with in clay, it makes your pieces look like stone. These are made from translucent, a tiny bit of red and pepper to taste. I mean for looks!  – T



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2 responses to “Pepper Beads

  1. Do they make you sneeze! Try paprika and crushed herbs. They do make the clay fragrant!

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