Empty Nest

Monday morning I checked the baby hummingbird, yup, still there. I go get my camera and find out when I open the window that Elvis has left the building! When I come around to the patio to check the ground I end up interrupting flying lessons! Yikes! I come back in the house rather quickly, having angered Joy. So, I left them to do their birdy thing. I didn’t want to scare them out of the yard and into the paws of the cat next door. For a few days after they still hung around the safety of the patio, the youngster waiting for mom to bring home something to eat. They are out and about now, all over the neighborhood. It was nice having our little house guests.

Just like after a concert, they left a mess! Oops, that’s my mess!  – T



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4 responses to “Empty Nest

  1. I’ve loved your hummingbird stories. But life goes on. And so do workspace messes, eh?

    • Ah yes, life does go on, circle of life and all that…yada, yada, yada… *sigh* I miss Joy already…
      I’d like to think messes are a sign of creative genius. I’m having a hard time of getting hubby to believe that!

  2. What mess, that is clean!

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