Polymer Clay Patriotic Pens

Say that three times fast!

Today I’ve been working on more pens and a handful of beads. I had leftover cane ends from the checkers I made recently, the Red, White & Blue Checker Game/Penny Rug ( I love those long titles, it makes me feel important). The game is actually going to home with someone in the military or a veteran attending a Military Appreciation Dinner that my sister-in-laws church is hosting, in Lakeside. …ok, Tina, take a breath… They have quite a few military families that attend their church and I guess they figured this would be fun way to give a little something back.

I don’t like to have too many scrappy ends hanging around, cluttering up my work space. So, I usually make beads. This time I had enough to make a bunch of pens. My sister-in-law liked the pen I gave her in the past, I was going to surprise her with these along with the game.

Not a bad way to use up leftovers! – T



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3 responses to “Polymer Clay Patriotic Pens

  1. You are important! You are also a very nice person.
    I love that checkerboard set. I love all of them though.
    Have a great week.

  2. Thanks! You must be rubbing off on me! – T

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