Painted Pots

I’ve been feeling like painting lately. All the color of Spring has put me in the mood to slop some paint around. I want to be a part of the action too! Stuff, I want to paint stuff. Not a big ‘ol canvas…some other time. Sorry, Kelly. I want something quick too. Hmm, clay pots? Yeah, in bright colors, simple design, polka dots. Polka dots…on pots! Instant happy!

I know, I know, they are painted with swirls and squiggles too. Yes, it is red, white and blue…again. That’s the colors I had, it’s that clay pot paint for outdoors. There isn’t much greenery left in the pots since I got rid of the dried up bits :/

Oh yeah, I painted these too.

I’ve been wanting to make these up for a long time. I saw these in a Mary Engelbreit book. I love ’em! She had paper cut out of a flower glued on them. They were used to add a little weight on the corners of a tablecloth. I like them as is. Even though they aren’t a bright color, they still attract attention. See, I have to go now and work on my fair entry…NOW! – T





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2 responses to “Painted Pots

  1. it could be dangerous to be around you when you have a paintbrush in your hand!!! I might end up all polka dotty!!!

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