From Egyptian to Greek

From Egyptian....

...To Greek

Hi all you who are following the adventure in transforming the gym for Grad nite.  I was away last week and when I returned the Egyptian people had started to be transformed into Greek Citizens.   This is quite an undertaking to completely repaint the panels.  We had originally thought about just leaving them as is since time and help are short.  One of the gals had some creative inspirational juices flowing.  Here are a few pictures.  One is from before and one is the new panels in progress of being changed.  It just amazes me what people come up with if you give them a chance.  All the group that has been helping out with this event have been such fun to work with.  We just hope that all the kids enjoy the time they will spend with each other the last night together. -K



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2 responses to “From Egyptian to Greek

  1. There certainly has been a lot of loving care put into this project. I sure hope the kids appreciate all the work you have done. Isn’t it nice to work with a congenial group?

    • We are putting a lot of effort into the set. They are looking great. The people in the group have that really stepped up and made everything work. Now we pray they all have about 5 friends each to move it all over to the gym and set it up there. I think the kids will love it. I know that our kids who know we have been working on it for them will. It is nice to work with this group because the ones who want to work are there so it is mostly all good! – K

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