Killer Hearts…

I thought I would try to make some steampunk hearts…

I wanted one out of all gold clay. All The little wheels and parts seemed to be lost, grrr… no pop! ….great. So, I took a shot at some other colors. I think they came out ok. I figured maybe some paint to antique them might help. So I baked them. Only one problem with them now. If it happens to flip around when you wear it, it will hurt you. Probably, make you bleed…really bad. This really makes me mad because I wanted to give my blogging pal, Kelly, for her birthday! Arrgh! It took all day for me to make these little evil things! Poo. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I guess it’s on to plan B now. Hmm…. – T



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6 responses to “Killer Hearts…

  1. Hmm- Was it a subconscious attempt to take over the blog for yourself. Mawhahaha??? -K

    PS. I love my Heart 😉

  2. I thought Kelly’s heart was awesome!!! Of course you know Marie would want to antique all of them!!!

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