Stop and Smell the Flowers!

My husband Marty and I spent the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Julian.  We reunited with friends who we have been going there with for over 15 years.  Lots of good food and fellowship with friends.  Marty and I went for this great hike on Saturday and we enjoyed beautiful wildflowers in all kinds of colors.  The temperature was just right for a good hike.  It is so nice to get out and breath fresh air and I enjoy seeing all the different textures in the plants.  I should have brought some clay for making textures.  I did bring home a seedpod that I have to experiment with so I will keep you posted with what I create with it.  Life happens to fast  don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! -K



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2 responses to “Stop and Smell the Flowers!

  1. Very good words…stop and smell the flowers!!

  2. Stacey, I know that you are good at smelling with all that good cooking you do. I hope you stop and smell the flowers too! Thanks for keeping tabs on us! -Kelly

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