I got Parts!

Pieces and Parts

I’ve done it!  I have actually started on my Doll that I am attempting to be in the form of “My Essence”.  Which are Beauty, Light, Heart, Power and Warrior.  I have been hesitant because I was not sure where exactly I wanted to take her.  I think it is one of those projects you have to jump in with both feet and begin to create!  I have got the first few Base structures in the oven.  I am beginning with the techniques that I learned from Maureen Carlson.  We had a blast in that class and I have been inspired to do the doll ever since then.  For some reason I started with Sap Green for my Base.  I am planning on using a combination of that and gold and whatever else the spirit moves me to use.  I added a bit of a lace cane to show from out of her skirt.  That is because I am such a frilly girl!      And now the rest of the story….

Well I would show you how she turned out, but I forgot to get any pictures before I delivered her to the San Diego County Fair with Tina this afternoon.  She definitely changed through the creative process.  This morning I decided to make a whole new Torso because I did not feel like the one fit the rest of her “Look”.  That gives me a start on the next doll.  I like how she came out, but she is definitely not what I had in mind when I started.  But that is okay.  I had a lot of fun creating her using different techniques for colors and beads.  She is a combination of the Sap Green, Gold and Alizurine Crimson.  She has a little bling and a little steampunk.  Just a bit.  The pictures only show you what is left after I took her to the fair…- K


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