Adventures at the Wild Animal Park!

My Buddy!


Yesterday I got to go to the Wild Animal Park on a field trip for my  daughter’s zoology class.  I have not been there for years so it was wonderful to see the beautiful animals and the all of the foliage.  Of course I was keeping my eyes open for textures.  I had to share these shots Jen took of me with the Lorikeets. For those who may not know, these are beautiful birds that you can feed necture to and they will land on your arm to feed.  The ladies had said that they were not hungry so we may not have any luck.  Well we had no problems and one really liked my hair color or the product I had in it.  He sat on my shoulder for quite some time.  I was fun and a bit scary all at once.  I did not know if he would bite my ear or something.  I escaped without injury from that.  It is a good thing because earlier in the day I managed to turn my ankle and fall.  Leave it to me….-K


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