Creations from a Seed Pod

Pod and slices of the pod

See what is inside!

Remember the seed pod I mentioned during my post on the “Stop and Smell the Flowers” ?  I had such fun experimenting with it.  I was surprised with what was inside.  You get some interesting textures depending on how and where you slice the pod.  The seeds themselves were very hard and difficult to cut through.  There are lots of little black seeds closely bundled together.  I really like the disks I made.  There are a few pieces that look a bit like old sea creatures.  Once they were baked I antiqued them with some gold paint.  I might add a darker color.  I am thinking of making a bracelet or necklace with the disks.  I will use wire to connect them together and chain for more length.  If you want to check out a bunch of info about to antique, painting..washing or not…go check out htttp:// Marie has done several pieces with different treatments.  Plus she just has a lot of fun stuff! Go Marie! -K


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