Antiqued Killer Hearts

O.K., I antiqued the steampunk hearts…and after I picked out all the bits of paper towel caught in them, I tried to glaze one, hmm…maybe this can is a little old. It’s supposed to be clear! I brushed most of it off. It did end up drying clear. But it’s going to take a lot of coats, and I mean a lot, before the little pointy parts are covered. I guess before I destroy all my artwork I should buy a new can.

Here are the newly antiqued hearts before that one was dunked in the goo.

 I do like them a little more defined by the paint added. – T



Filed under Clay, pictures

2 responses to “Antiqued Killer Hearts

  1. Ula

    Hm, yeah, they’re definitely better in black and yellow/orange (or is it gold?). My intuition was right 🙂

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