Adventures in Nature!

I have always been one to enjoy nature.  Those of us that are into Polymer Clay are always aware of what could make the next neat design or texture.  Well this was really apparent and a little scary the other day.  I was taking care of those pesky “weeds” in my yard.  There seems to be a few new varieties this year!  Maybe due to all of our rain.   I found lots of very interesting thing that I want to try making textures from.  Some are seed pods from one of our trees.  The others are just plan weeds, but they had a nice little shape to them.  I also did some wonderful pieces with apples, but that is  whole nother story.  The impressions or textures that I got I think I will like.  God never ceases to amaze me with his talents.  I can’t wait to get them baked and then painted or antiqued.  What ever word you choose today!  It brings out the detail which is really awesome.  Don’t forget to check back!  -K


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