A Fist Full of Canes

I’ve been putting together a bunch of canes for my friend, Ellie Hitchcock, to use at the fair. You may have seen her, Polly and a few other brave souls at the San Diego Fair. They set up in the kids tent introducing the kids to polymer clay with a “Make It and Take It” for the kids….a lot of kids! They love doing it and have been there for quite a few years. They have a lot of patience with kids, they are amazing! To help them out I like to supply them with some bright colored canes. They take scrap clay, shape it into a ball. Then the kids put slices of clay on the ball, smooth it in, poke a hole through it and then bake. Come back in a half hour when it’s all done!

I don’t think this is going to be enough! Plus, it need a few more colors. Blue! There isn’t any blue combos! I definitly need some camo too. – T


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  1. Awesome Tina! The kids will love them! Ellie will too.

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