Apples Make Neat Impressions!

I promised I would tell you about my apple tree.  For years we did not get any real fruit, the apples always looked strange.  But we kept watering it hoping that it would begin to produce after it had plenty of  TLC.  Well last year it went crazy.  We had lots of apples and they were not really bitter like they had been in the past.  They are great for making pies.  That is when we realized that the apples had very few or no seeds.  I did research and they have been trying to develop an apple without seeds.  I have a tree in my back yard!  Well I was playing with several of the apples to determine if this years apples are the same.  Indeed they seem to be without seeds for the most part. 

Even without the seeds the apple makes the areas where the seeds  would be so I was able to make some interesting impressions in the polymer clay with them.  This is a continuation of my fascination with texture and nature.  So you can see what I came up with.  I did an impression in the clay with fresh-cut apples.  Then I waited for them to dry out a bit and impressed them again.  This gave a smaller image since the slice begins to shrink.  I still felt like they seemed a bit too plain so I randomly stamped different slices on different places.  I really like what I came up with.  They look a bit like sand dollars.  I took the seed or the stem to make some other different impressions to give the pieces some other textures besides the star shape.  Then I baked them and painted/antiqued them to bring out the impressions.  I plan on drilling holes and using chain to string them into a necklace.  -K


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