Is It Cold Enough?

I know that there is certain times of the year when you turn up or down the temperature in the fridge. I have pulled out frozen eggs out of the refrigerator in the winter. I guess it was too cold. Pretty soon the weather will be warming up. I may have to turn the freezer colder. Already, it takes all day to make ice cubes!

Ha! What was I worried about?! It’s plenty cold enough in there.

My monster stuffies are going up on my Esty Shop soon. I’m trying to decide if I want to make T-shirts for them. Hmm… 

Hey buddy, can you pass the orange juice?  –  T



Filed under Crafting

2 responses to “Is It Cold Enough?

  1. You better knit him a sweater!

  2. I like him ^.^ the faces on them are just like the ones you do in real life. ha people say that about me and this face O.o ha but i might get that from you…

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