Over My Head

Whew, I did it ! I finished sewing an awning for Ellie’s studio! I never thought I was going to get it done. Only because I was so scared to make that first cut into the fabric! Just looking at the yards and yards of material freaked me out. Oh geez, what did I volunteer for. I don’t have a special industrial sewing machine. It came through though, I only bent one needle ( I was getting a little wild). I took it out to her studio at Spanish Village today. She loved it! Yay!

Here it is before I took it out there. There wasn’t enough room to lay it out in the house!

I took a picture once it was up only the picture didn’t come out very good. I guess you could go see it at Ellie’s studio, #30 in Spanish Village in Balboa Park! – T



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2 responses to “Over My Head

  1. OMG!!! I didn’t get a lick of work done for the rest of the day. I just sat under my canopy. We decided that the turquoise glow that shone through was an anti-aging ray. We all looked younger under the glow of the canopy. Tina, you outdid yourself and proved yet again that you can handle just about anything!!! You are the most amazing person.
    Also, for the first time the studio stayed cool even as the afternoon sun tried to shine in… and couldn’t!

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