Polymer clay, Sewing or Painting

I got to see the Awning that Tina made for Ellie when it is up at the Studio.  It looks Marvelous!  Of course it is Ellie’s favorite colors.  Tina did a superb job of sewing it,  as if we expected anything else.  It really works great in cutting the sun’s glare in the studio.  Whether she is playing with polymer clay, sewing awnings or Penny Rugs or painting pots for her plants Tina’s art always makes me happy!  She may send one of her angry monsters after me for saying so.  I love having her as a part of my life! -K



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3 responses to “Polymer clay, Sewing or Painting

  1. I agree with everything you say Kelly…

  2. Thanks Ellie. Tina Rocks!

    • Aww, go on………..no really, go on. kidding!
      You guys give me way too much credit! I am blessed to have great friends who encourage me in what ever I do. You help me to use my energy for good and not evil!
      Group Hug,

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