Polymer Clay Cane Demo at the Fair

Step for flower cane


Saturday I got to Demonstrate for the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild at the San Diego Co. Fair.  It was fun to have some time to just play with some simple projects that show others some of the fun they can have with the clay.  I did several different items.  I made a simple checkerboard cane.  People like to see this and are amazed at how easily it comes together.  I did a pen to show a teacher a easy craft she could do with her 4th graders for a Mother’s Day gift or other project.  Then I made a flower cane using a Skinner Blend.  I love making flowers.  They are fairly easy to make and you then have a good amount of cane to make beads or other things with.  Here are pictures of some steps.  The rolled up Skinner Blend, then the blend with black slices placed into it.  The next slice is after it has been reduced down to the size I chose to use it at.  I cut it into 5 equal lengths.  Then made a center in a different color and reduced it to the same size as  the 5 sections.  I placed the 5 sections around the colored center and there you have it – a flower cane.  By reducing the pieces before I construct the cane I do not have to pack the cane.  This gives you a more complex and dimensional cane for your projects.  I decided to combine the checkerboard and the flower canes into an end project.  This could be a name badge, a refrigerator magnet or a pendant.  You could add beads to give it more dimension. -K



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2 responses to “Polymer Clay Cane Demo at the Fair

  1. LOVE the checkerboard background. Don’t you just love how that black and white contrast just makes whatever you put with it pop. I’m a caner too so I’m always trying to come up with new ways to use canes and I see a back and white checked pen holder for my desk in the near future! Thanks for sharing.

    • Arlene, I got lost at your site…Lots of fun stuff there! I love the ladybug plant stakes. I will have to go back a look again. I had not done a checkerboard in some time, but you are right there is just something about them that make things pop! Thanks for checking us out!

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