Beans and Frank

Who is this guy hanging around! Why, it’s Frankenstein’s monster, little Frank! On a necklace with….beans? I have done a few odd items like this. Maybe it’s from lack of sleep? Whatever, it’s fun when people get it (kind of embarrassing when they don’t). I just put this guy up in my Etsy Shop. I thought you might like to see him too.

This is one good lookin’ guy, cool haircut, slick clothes, great smile and one thick eyebrow over his eyes. A real lady-killer! 

What more could a woman want? – T


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One response to “Beans and Frank

  1. Elena


    You are both a delight! Whenever I’m in your company (too little, I admit), I know there will be a smile on my face. I love your creations. I have a Bottle of Hope that Tina made for me. It’s one of my most prized possessions. Tina, you are truly gifted. And I know that I can always count on a hug from Kelly. I love being in her company. And Kelly, you also are a very, very talented lady. You are both a delight to have in my life, even if lately we only meet like ships passing in the night. Best of luck and congratulations on your 100th blog!

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