Polymer Clay between Polymer Clay

I love making pens! Can you tell? They are good to make when you don’t know what to make but you have the time now…to make. Got that? You can still make something of use with your time spent playing around. I have a bunch of them ready at any time to be a quick gift or like a thank you. They are bright and fun.

 I did have one suggestion last week from a man. I would say gentleman but I really don’t know if he was gentle, I definitely know he was a MAN. He wanted one but thought they looked rather girly, he wanted one that looked like jerky or maybe even bacon! Yeah buddy, I’ll get right on that. – T



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4 responses to “Polymer Clay between Polymer Clay

  1. Love the pens. I cover a lot of pens too, however most of them are in my “things to be sanded” try awaiting a undedicated evening when all I have to do is relax and sand. I have recently started covering pens with cane ends to show how the cane looks when used. My plan is to post both the cane and the pen for sale in my Etsy and Artfire shops.

  2. Bacon…Thats histerical!

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