Whose Cat is in My Yard?!

You know, I try to do my best to keep my backyard and garden under control. It’s a lot of work, weeding, trimming, watering… So, I get a little grouchy when some random neighborhood cat decides to leave me a little something! I won’t show you what, but you know what I mean.

Oh no! There’s the cat again!

This time relaxing by the pool!

The nerve! – T



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2 responses to “Whose Cat is in My Yard?!

  1. Whaaaaa! I just had to laugh when I saw those little eyes looking up from that big chair! If you really have a cat leaving his business in your yard, you might want to try a Scarecrow.


    These things are amazing! I have one that keeps my neighbor’s dog away. My mom uses one in her backyard because the neighbor’s cat uses a spot back there as a dumping ground. Works like a charm!

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