More fun with Scraps of Polymer Clay!

Scraps make wonderful Pendants!

Sometimes when I am creating things I have just as much fun with the scraps as I do with the project I am working on.  There is never any waste with polymer clay.  You can always use it for something even if it is just for the inside of a bead.  Here are two examples of things I made using scraps.  Some of you may call them “Natasha” beads.  You make interesting images by twisting the clay and then cutting into it and folding it open to see what is revealed.  I really like doing these projects from scraps as well as for a intended project.  Here you see a heart which is reversible with another image on the other side and a tube bead which is strung using 2 bead caps.  The images in the clay continue around all sides of the bead.  No painting involved. 

 Stay tuned for the 100th post-K



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5 responses to “More fun with Scraps of Polymer Clay!

  1. Now that heart is WAY COOL!!!!

  2. Dawna Sharp

    Gosh so much to create….LOL

  3. Dawna Sharp

    The necklace is awesome too. Love the way the ends are finished too.

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