Mica Shift Polymer Beads

Using Polymer clay with Mica in it allows you to make things using only one color of clay if you choose.  These beads where made using a purple pearl color and the differences in the color is the mica.  When you show the different sides of the mica you get darks and lights.  I used a ripple blade to cut a stack.  on some of the beads.  Then I cut different shapes using Kemper cutters.  Once the beads were baked I wired them and strung them between chain to make this necklace.  -K

Don’t forget our 100th Post Givaway!

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5 responses to “Mica Shift Polymer Beads

  1. Beth McClellan

    I like it – nice choice of colors.

  2. Beth McClellan

    How do we know what post you are on? Does it give that info somewhere on your blog? It must be there somewhere – but I can’t find it.


    • The Giveaway is the one with the picture of the chicken and the necklace, July 8th. You did it right. Thanks, I added the date and wrote this is the 100th on it to make it more clear now. Thanks again,
      🙂 Tina

  3. The blog is great! love seeing what fun stuff the two of you are creating. You lured me in without a give away, but having one is like a little bonus.

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