No Clay Today!

I had good intentions today of constructing the cane of Mt Harding in the Mission Mountain Range of Montana.  I had a drawing of what I plan to do.  My daughter was supposed to be sewing while I was working on the clay…

Then my daughter asked that I help her make the book bag that she had bought the supplies for earlier this summer.  She had earned Letters in Choir and Drama this year, but did not want a letterman’s jacket.  So she decided to put them on a bag instead.  So our day began with planning the project out and then going to get the supplies that we needed to finish the project correctly.  I think I have a need to make sure it is done with quality to last since we are taking her to college soon.  I don’t want to send her off with something substandard.  Well it is not quite finished yet, but we are close.  I attached the letters and other award patches before sewing the seams which made that job a lot easier.  So check it out!  I think she will really like the finished product (she agrees).  It should give her years of enjoyment.  But for now we have to go to bed because tomorrow we are going to DISNEYLAND!  We have a date with Minnie and Friends for breakfast. We will let you know about that in a day or two.  -K


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  1. So everyone knows, this is an hour and a half later than I wanted to go to bed. – Jen :]

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