Polymer Clay Steampunk Heart Pendants

I’ve been working on my steampunk-ing again. Now, it’s not quite so life threatening to wear one of my pieces! It’s really rather fun building something mechanical  that doesn’t have to work!

I want to make more… and more… and more… muahahaha…

I wonder if this is how Dr. Frankenstein started… yikes!

If you want to see more they’re up on my Etsy Shop.  – T



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5 responses to “Polymer Clay Steampunk Heart Pendants

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  2. Ula

    Well done 🙂 Steampunk style is addictive… I think your hearts would also look lovely in warm colours, like orange-red. Or maybe black? Just imagine: bright brass gears on a jet black background.

    • Ula! You must be psychic! I was thinking about the same thing. I have done a couple in black, I thought my watch parts were a little small and dull. I just got a new batch of awesome parts bigger and brighter! Look out red and black here I come! What do you think about the ones on my Etsy shop? Take a look it, doesn’t cost to look! I like the way you think! -Tina

  3. Ula

    Yeah, I’ve seen them. Very nice indeed, made more carefully than most polymer clay stuff I’ve seen 🙂 Love the handmade phillips screws :)) Have you also tried other shapes? Like I don’t know, circles, stars etc? I’ve also been playing with steampunk lately, but found out that the heart shape is the most popular one among the artisans (on deviantArt, at least), so I’m trying to avoid it, but sometimes you just have to 😀

    • Thanks! I know what you mean about shapes, I was thinking the same thing. I guess the heart is a familiar thing…maybe I’ll try a spleen next. I know someone who just got their appendix taken out, maybe I’ll make him a new one!
      Oh man, those artist are really great on deviantart. I haven’t been looking lately though, I need to go visit and ooo and aah at their stuff! – T

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