Mt Harding Polymer Clay Cane – Part 1

I have spent several  hours working on this Mt.  I think the problem is I am trying to be to literal with the coloring of the peaks and valleys of the Mountains edges.  Last night I eased up a bit and I think it helped.  I hope to get well into the cane today since my time is short.  We have to be packed up and ready to go Tuesday night.  I really enjoy sculpting the clay even as I am just building the cane.  The pictures show the most important portion of the cane-Mt Harding.  Now I will fill in the rest of the picture with the sky and the foreground.  I hope this takes a lot less time.  I think I will like it.  But you never really know until it is complete.

I will be away from home but I still plan on posting.  I just am not sure of the subject matter.  Stay tuned.  I will take you with us on our big road trip adventure.  I plan on keeping my eyes open for a new subject to sculpt.  I will be drawing because that is something I can do in the car.  I am sure Tina will keep me smiling with her creations.  I love her art.  You just cannot help smiling! -K


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