Playing With My Crayons

Ok. So here I am between projects. I’m waiting for something to inspire me. Usually, something will just trigger something in my head and get my creative juices going. Anyway, I was looking in the junk drawer and pulled out the crayons. We haven’t colored in, well, forever! ..hmm…I have a lot of translucent…

Yup, I mixed crayon shavings into the translucent clay, and took out a few of my cutters. For these little donut beads I used green, blue, red and a little yellow. The yellow is in with the red. I didn’t really like the way the yellow was coming out so I just added in the red into it. I figured if the color came out a little on the orange side that would be ok. If you look close you can see the flecks of yellow in them. Other then that it really didn’t do anything, like change the color. I think I’m going to go make a few Bottles of Hope. They will look like “faux stone a la crayons!”  This is only the begining…. – T



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4 responses to “Playing With My Crayons

  1. Beth McClellan

    Your crayon donuts look like lifesavers. I bet they are low calorie too. . . Beth

  2. I love the look of these and want to see them in person. They look yummy.

    • Thanks Deb! I’ll show you sometime. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet. They are a lot of fun to make by the zillions, more beads… more treasure! -T

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