Mt Harding Polymer Clay Cane -Landscape Part 2 & 3


It has been a bit tense off and on making this cane.  As this moment in time the mountain does not look like I want it too.  But if I packed it correctly, and I think I did, It should be in there!  I have started to add the foreground and then decided I better do the sky so I can quit worrying about the mountain details getting squished as I apply different layers.  It is a slow and steady process.  I am trying to give the landscape texture by using blends of clay.  I actually am keeping it the size I wanted which is good.  Canes always have a way of growing as you create them.  You start off with the best of intentions and then you have to adjust for an oversized nose or something.  So far so good.  It is longer than I had planned, but if it turns out good that is a bonus!  Lots of beads! -K

I wrapped it in yellow and then in black.  Then I reduced it.  You can see the pictures.  I will explain next time.  My family is leaving!  -K


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